Original Your Life Paper Gift Pack

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This is a unique and treasured gift suitable for a landmark event such as a special birthday or wedding anniversary. By giving seven authentic newspapers from significant dates in their life you will be giving the recipient(s) a bit of their history. Sourced from Historic Newspapers, the world's largest private archive with a stock of around 7m genuine, original newspapers, virtually any date is available. Only a major national title from the chosen dates will be sent, usually The Times. The precious relics are presented in a premium, black keepsake case, titled 'A day to remember'. A personalised certificate of authenticity with a name, dates and occasion is provided with the newspapers. 2 - 7 newspapers can be supplied in one gift pack. Please note that papers published on the days of key news events, such as Lunar landings and on a Sunday are rare and will be replaced by the following day's issue (which of course reports the news from the day before).