Personalised Me & My Pet Book and Framed Print Gift Set

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Put a child or adult AND their pet inside this unique storybook! Not only can you fully customise the main character of this incredible book, but you can also add in the supporting act – their pet! 'Me and My Pet: How We First Met' tells the tale of the recipient and the new challenges that being a pet owner gives them! Each book is bespoke to its recipient – you can choose everything from their name, to skin and hair colour, to whether they wear glasses or even have a beard! The pet is also customisable; choose your animal, breed and even their colour! There are also 'fantasy' pets to choose from including Dragons and Unicorns! To make this an extra special gift we have also added a matching personalised A4 framed print both presented in a black gift box, ready to give straight to the recipient. Please note that you cannot pick the gender of the pet and it will be referred to throughout the story using gender-neutral pronouns.