10 Fab Father's Day Facts

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Father's Day is just a few weeks away - this year on the 20th June - and we have cobbled together our favourite Father's Day facts just for you! Once you've read them, hop on over to our Father's Day Gift Guide to check out our favourite Father's Day gifts for the big day! 

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1. Father's Day is observed and celebrated on various days throughout the year, with the majority of countries, including the UK, always celebrating on the 3rd Sunday in June.  Some other countries that celebrate on the same day include USA, Japan and Peru.

2. Some countries who celebrate the day on a different date include Australia & New Zealand (where Father's Day is held on the first Sunday in September),  Spain & Portugal (where Father's Day is held on the 19th March), and Germany (where Father's Day is celebrated on Ascension Day which falls 39 days after Easter)!

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3. Another country which celebrates on a different day is Thailand. There, Father's Day is celebrated on the birthday of their current King (5th December). Mother's Day is also celebrated on the birthday of the Queen!

4. Father's Day is the 4th biggest card giving day of the year, only behind Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  Roughly 72 million cards are given out on Father's Day each year.

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5. In the UK approximately 7 million Father's Day cards are purchased each year.  This is compared to approximately 13 million for Mother's Day.  If you haven't got your card yet, check out our range of Personalised Father's Day cards here!

6. Father's Day, as we know it, was invented by American Sonora Smart Dodd, in honour of her Father who was a single dad to 6 children. It was first celebrated on 19th June 1910.

7. The most popular Father's Day gift is apparently a tie! While we don't have any ties, we do have a wonderful range of Father's Day gifts available, with something for all dads and all budgets! 

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8. Female shoppers spend on average 50% more on their Father's for Father's Day, compared to males.

9. The official flower of Father's Day is the Rose. Traditionally, a red rose signifies a living father, while a white rose signifies a father who has passed away.

10. More babies say "dada/dad" as their first word than "mama/mum".

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